Case Study: Your Reception Desk Call Management System

We recently completed a new call management system for our client Your Reception Desk who provide telephone answering and virtual office services. Automating or consolidating paper and spreadsheet systems is just one of a range of services we offer and the efficiencies and time savings that can be achieved are well worth it.

This is what Nick French from Your Reception Desk has to say:

Our New Telephone Answering System

For the last couple of years we have been using an ‘off the shelf’ package for recording and sending on the messages we take on behalf of our customers.

After a lot of research we had to make to with the best of 3 different systems, and whilst this ‘did the job’ it was not ideal.

Several months ago we met James Cooke of Cooke IT at 4 Networking. It quickly became apparent that James knows his stuff!

The first thing we commissioned James to do was build a simple system that kept track of the credits used by our Pay As You Go customers. We were very impressed with the result and so we decided to commission him to build us a bespoke Call Manager system.

We had looked at what was available to us ‘off the shelf’, took all the best bits, took away the irrelevant bits and gave James the specification.

We went live with the new system on 12/10/10 and are absolutely delighted with it.

When one of our girls takes a call all the relevant information is there for her on one screen. She can efficiently handle the call and pass on the message to the customer just the way they want it.

The additional benefits for our customers are:

1. For customers who request an ‘end of day’ report, the new one has a better and clearer format, with a choice of pdf or html style

2. Brand new feature: Customers can login to view their messages online, ideal for people that have deleted a message sent to them or can’t find it, as they can login to the system to see it any time of day or night.

We’re really looking forward to testing out this system over time. Thanks again to James Cooke for doing such a good job!

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